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Want to rise up searches on Google,YouTube, SoundCloud or similar sites? Engaged Hits drives the most authentic custom web traffic to your site, content or page. Users that behave so naturally you won’t be able to tell the difference between actual traffic and Engaged Hits traffic. And neither will Google
For too long the metrics of Google searches have been balanced AGAINST you, if you’re not on page one, it’s hard to be found. Time for a change. join for free
the pic So, are you a small business competing against much bigger businesses for Google Ranking? Rise Up.
Are you a Musician on SoundCloud trying to find your audience? Rise Up. join for free
the pic Making videos on YouTube and want them to be seen by more people than ever before? Rise Up.
It’s time to be seen. Time to be heard. Time to turn the tables back in your favour. Time to Rise Up with Engaged Hits. join for free
MINGLE Download Mingle to your PC or Android phone and connect to an army of MINGLEUSERS, ready to march on your site, page or content and increase its ranking in your chosen search engine.
DOWNLOADABLE SOFTWARE Mingle is a standalone piece of software you can download to your PC andconnects you to your MINGLE users.
DEDICATED APP Mingle also works as a dedicated app for Android. The only software like thisavailable! No unlimited internet data on your phone? No problem, simply check our feature that ensures MINGLE only operates on a steady WIFI signal.
CRUSADE Set specific goals you want for your site, page or content and lead an army of MINGLE users on a Crusade, marching towards each target in an incredibly customisable way.
START/END Set specific dates for when you want to start attracting traffic and when your crusade should finish.
PAGE DEPTH Choose which pages Mingle users should visit as well as how many pages deep you want them to explore. This can also be randomised to give a natural profile.
VISIT LENGTH How much time should your Mingle users stay on your site? How long on each page? This can also be randomised to give a natural profile.
TIME PER PAGE How long should each Mingle user spend on each page? This can also be randomised to give a natural profile.
DEFINE TRAFFIC Your Mingle users can come from one of three traffic sources 1) Search Engines 2) A direct link 3) Third Party or Social Sites like Facebook or Twitter.
BALANCE Choose a percentage of users for visitors from Search Engines, Direct Links and Third Party Sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc…
KEYWORD TARGETTING Here, you define a list of keywords you’d like to rank for. Define a % for each one and Mingle users will, according to your percentage, search for those keywords and click on YOUR listing within that search, improving your click thru rate.
GEO TARGETTING Mingle allows you to direct users to your site from specific places around the world, perfect if you’re promoting your local business.
RANDOM SCROLL To give a really authentic feel to your Mingle users visit, we have a specially designed algorithm that makes it look like they’re scrolling up and down your page naturally.
MINGLE FLOW An elegant feature. Define your Mingle users journey through your site. You have 100% control of how users flow through your site, imagine it like a flow chart, you choose where users enter, where they go to next, you can even randomise this and set specific %’s for different journeys. All housed in a simple drag and drop system
HUSTLE A little cheeky. Send Mingle users to your competition first, but only for a second, before they visit your site, page or content and engage thoroughly, showing Google which site users actually prefer. (Hint: yours)
CLONE CRUSADE Once you have set up a great crusade you can clone it and use it again for another site.
YOUTUBE All the same features of a standard Crusade but additional features specifically aimed at driving your video content up the search rankings on YouTube
SOUNDCLOUD All the same features of a standard Crusade but additional features aimed at pushing your music higher in Soundclouds search engine
SOCIAL SIGNALS Within the YouTube and SoundClouds crusades is an incredibly powerful tool, the ability to leave custom comments, likes, dislikes, social shares, reposts, playlisting music, subscribing to channels etc.
RETURNING VISITORS vs NEW VISITORS This allows you to clearly define how many of your users have been to you before and how many users are brand new, hot off the press and JUST discovered you.
DESKTOP vs MOBILE VIEWS Choose which percentage of your users are accessing your site, page or content from a desktop machine and which are finding you via mobile.
RAMP UP Another powerful feature. Choose on a day by day basis how to ramp up the number of users visiting your site. Essential for a natural growth profile.
We are launching ~October 1st, 2016